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Super Bowl XLV Betting Prediction (Packers-Steelers)

This is ridiculous. You let the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers come into town and they bring their damn weather with them. Yesterday we had four inches of ice and snow, and right now the wind chill is -2. As a matter of fact, I think last night was the coldest temperature in Dallas in the last fifteen years. Not only that, but we have to play host to the teams that beat us four times in the Super Bowl. I guess we (the Cowboys) deserve this after such a stellar season. Oh well, let’s take a look at what should be a pretty good game:

The running game-This is going to be a key aspect for both teams. The Packers have had virtually no running game all season and still they are here. Running back James Starks has given them ground during this championship run, but he will now be facing the top run defense in the league. If the Packers can’t run, then the game will come down to Aaron Rodgers versus the Steeler secondary (a good secondary at that). On the flip side of the coin, consider this: Everybody talks about the Steeler defense, but guess what? The Packer defense is pretty solid also. If the Steelers are shut down on the ground and Ben Roethlisberger must go to the air, he is not nearly as mobile as Rodgers. If this happens the Packers win the game. The playing of games at Poker QQ site will be effective with poker tables. There will be offering of comfort and convenience to the poker players. The rates will be less when compared to the other gambling or poker websites.

Experience-The Steelers are in the Super Bowl for the third time in the last six years, and although they have lost many players during that span, they still have an experienced core to rely on. Media hype and Super Bowl pressure should not be an issue here. The Packers are considered a young team and they have not faced this kind of pressure before. Will this be a factor if the game is tied during the last two minutes? Edge: Steelers

The road to the Super Bowl-

The Steelers have played one less game as a result of the bye. They have played two home games, while the Packers have played three road games. In other words, the Steelers have had the easier road and should be better rested.

Once again: Edge Steelers


After sitting on the bench for three years, waiting for Brett Farve to make up his mind whether he would play or not, Aaron Rodgers has proved himself. Anybody who thinks Rodgers won’t be able to handle the Super Bowl pressure is nuts. If he can take over the position of a legendary future Hall of Famer, who holds virtually every passing record in the NFL and perform the way he has: Pressure will not be an issue!


This should be a very close game, and we really need to see one considering some of the blowouts in the last ten years. My prediction: Packers by 3.

After that, get the hell out of town and bring your damn weather with you. I would like to play golf next week.

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