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Poker players who want to play high stakes and stand the chance of winning huge pots should consider playing the tournaments. The popularity of the game has encouraged casinos, both online and land-based, to introduce poker tournament format for their patrons. There are a number of tournaments that a poker player can partake in today. From the basis low-stake tourneys on online casinos and small card rooms to major poker tournaments and championships like the WSOP or WPT, there are many poker tournaments you can participate in.

Game Formats

Poker tournaments involve in players competing with each other. The tournaments can have hundreds of players playing at different tables and competing for one big prize, or just two players taking it head on to win all the money from the other. In the tournament format, player cannot walk away from the table in between as is the case with the ring games. Also, Players cannot cash their chips for money in the tournament format.

Buy-Ins and Prizes

Poker tournaments usually have standard buy-ins which the player usually makes only once m certain tournaments, players who run out of chips have a second chance to continue with an extra buy-in allowed in between. After that, there are no more chances. Your chance of staying the tournament purely depends o your skills and how well you can play the game.

Once you run out of the chips, you are eliminated from the tournament. The prizes offered to the winner are also determined by the size of the buy-ins. The highest prize awarded in any poker tournament was for the Big One for One Drop, an event that is hosted by the WSOP for charitable causes. It has a potential cash prize of over $20,000,000 for the winner and a share of the buy-ins goes to the charity called One Drop.

If you have the skills that it takes to win at poker, tournaments are a must try for you.

On a closing note, whether you are playing a regular slot game with สล็อต JOKER or even fledged ventures like Russian roulette, you need to have the skills in order to flourish big time in such ventures and one way to do so is through regular practice where you can try out different online ventures from time to time so that tournaments are easy to crack and earn more bucks and when it is 20 million grand, you can be sure that expert gamblers would jump at the offer.

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