Online Casino Players and the E-Banking System

Recently, the US federal government prohibited online casino from operating in the United States. This is because of the anonymous nature of the internet to transfer money, thus making online casino susceptible to money laundering. As a result, Party Gaming and PlayTech, the two most popular online casinos, pulled out from the United States and online casino players were being chased and investigated by the US federal government.

But since online casino industry is widely popular, the industry came up with a solution and operates under a different business umbrella. The major concern of the United States government about online casino is online money laundering. The anonymous transfer of funds using the internet makes it difficult to trace money laundering transaction. In this regard, online casino owners devise another method of payment system legally so that the government would allow them to operate again.

Listed below are the most popular  amp; widely use e-banking system that accepts online casino players.

  1. Master Card  amp; Visa Card

Credit cards are widely used these days. You can deposit your payment using your credit card, but take note that you cannot receive payment of your winnings through your credit card, on-line casinos use another mode of electronic payment system in paying their winners.

  1. Visa Delta  amp; Visa Electron

These are actually debit cards used to deposit money directly from your bank account to your casino account. A much comfortable option than Visa and Master Cards, though these also cannot accept payment for your winnings.

  1. Neteller

Netteler is based in UK and trading at the London AIM Stock Exchange. Netteler is one of the world’s major independent electronic banking entities. Like any debit card, Netteler allows its user to transfer funds to their casino account and also allows user to receive money in their Neteller account.

  1. Neteller Instacash

The Neteller’s version of debit card has no difference with other debit cards except that it charges fees when you use it. But most online casino requires you to pay extra charges, so be very careful and read their regulation first before paying.

  1. EcoCard

The most widely use electronic banking system in Europe. Unlike regular debit card, EcoCard allows its users to create a more flexible financial account plus it offers a wider range of electronic banking services unlike other E-banks. EcoCard payment system is fast and reliable.

  1. FirePay

FirePay is solely web-based and offers the same service as any other debit card that allows you to transfer payment to your casino account. Opening a FirePay account is free but it charges service fee when you deposit money to your FirePay account.

  1. Moneybookers

With Moneybookesr, all you need is an email address. Moneybookers uses your credit card or debit card information to move your money to and from any merchant you wishes to pay. Moneybookers is run by Gatcombe Park Ventures Ltd. and is regulated in the UK which is relatively new in the electronic finance business dealing with online casinos.

  1. eWalletXpress

This new electronic payment system was created to cater the need of US players to transfer fund to online casino. eWalletXpress is owned and run by Navaho Network, Inc.

  1. 900Pay

With 900Pay, instead of using your bank account or your credit card, it charges all your transaction to your telephone home bills. 900Pay is the fastest method, more secure and trustworthy e-banking system to date. 900Pay is very private and anonymous because it does not require the use of your credit card, no hidden charges or long distance charges. However, you have to make sure that your line does not have a 900-service block.

These are some foolproof ways that would keep your earnings safe and sound as today there is a security breach in almost anything digital and that isn’t good news for someone that regularly plays a bout of JasaQQ or frequents casinos on a regular basis.

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