Rock Fever : Island Hopping from Hawaii to Las Vegas!

Shipwrecked and Cast Away

I spent a year in Hawaii trying to be happy with the beaches, the mountains, the sunsets and rises. I even had the loving arms of a beautiful ex-wife whose talents and generosity were not lacking in any regard.. Somehow, all of that was not enough to keep me from missing Las Vegas.

Too Quiet at Night

Television has gotten really terrible. Unfortunately, that is the leading form of entertainment in Hawaii, besides making babies. You can go to the beach, the luau, the fishing, the surfing, the hiking, and enjoy the local cuisine with the two green peas perched on top of a mountain of rice. You can even play pkv games on your phone as you spend the night away at the seashore. The longer you stay there, the more likely you will come down with a case of “Rock Fever!”

Bored and Boxed In

I am not kidding. Ask anyone who has been on an island too long and they will explain it to you. On Catalina Island, the residents tolerate the tourists with their money in the summer. They walk around in winter with their eyes like zombies, not saying hello to their neighbors. In the tiny town of Avalon, there are way too many liquor stores. Each one has a vintage photograph of John Wayne wearing his Captain’s hat, shaking the owners hand.

Petrified in Paradise

On the island of Kauai, “Rock Fever” is particularly painful. The tiny island has resisted having a road system that circles the island so you have a choice of going this way or that way. The awesome Na Pali coastline will never submit to any intrusions like a road. Hikers must take the chance of being stranded there, even if they have the agility of a goat.

Viva Variety

Is it any wonder that so many Hawaiians love to go to Las Vegas ? They have their own section of downtown where you can order a “Locomoco” or a “chicken katsu” without being misunderstood. Between the Hotel California and Main Street Station, there is a zone where aloha has been transplanted. Why do they come so far from their Paradise on earth?


It is fun to gamble. It’s not the buffets and the shows,nor the lights that provide the allurement. It’s not the cheap drinks and free entertainment. It’s the blackjack and the craps. It’s the poker and the slot machines.

Pity the poor people in states where they must survive on the austere satisfaction of a mere lottery ticket! What kind of Spartan pastime could come from waiting a day to see if you have been hit on the head by a meteor?

Breaking Even

Gambling is much more exciting than that. It makes your heart beat faster and the music sounds better, especially if you are winning! It’s more satisfying when you have company. It’s good to have a friend along.

As with many enjoyable vices, it’s better if you don’t overdo it. It’s more fun to get free drinks at the penny machine than to swing for the fences and feel the despair of unaffordable losses.

So enjoy gambling, but don’t take it too seriously.That’s why they call it gaming.

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Which one is better – teen Patti VS poker! Check out the details below!

The card games are familiar with the people across the globe, but such games have different types. When it comes to Card games to more famous and preferable types are poker and teen Patti. Several people are still unaware of teen Patti, so here we are to let them know about it. Teen Patti is the Indian card game which has been introduced to the world while ago. 

Due to the enhanced technology, the poker and teen Patti both are available online. The Pkv online is the platform where you can easily find both games. Somehow the teen Patti game is still unfamiliar with the western gamblers as they prefer playing the regular poker. Now the question arises which one is better? So have a look at the following description to know more about it.

  • Teen Patti VS poker:

Several gamblers prefer playing instead of teen Patti because this game is still unpredictable for them. Moreover, with the help of online poker, the gamblers can easily make more money than teen Patti. Both of these games are easy to play, but poker is more enjoyable to play, which is why teen Patti is still a mystery on international-level gambling. 

We all know that from the past thousands of years till now, people love playing card games. The online platform innovation has taken this on another level. Hence teen Patti is commonly played in Asia (considering online and offline both). It becomes more fun and enjoyable when you play it with at least 4 to 8 friends; you can conveniently gamble over your bets and do a lot more stuff. In the end, poker is better than teen Patti because it is being accepted and played on the international level. 

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Poker Home Games that Will Impress Your Friends

Previously, we discussed the impact your choice of poker chips has on your home game. Now in Part Two, we’ll talk about the furniture element, or the thing that catches the players’ eye immediately upon entry– the table.

The phenomenon poker players like to call the “Poker Boom” has created a whole new industry in this country: custom poker tables. We’re not just talking the typical octagonal table for grandpa and his cigar-smoking buddies…we’re talking everything from portable table top covers, to custom-built Texas Hold-em style casino poker tables.

Nothing makes a player’s home game experience more enjoyable than sidling on up to a nice, soft vinyl rail and a smooth felt surface.

Nothing makes your game more “casino-like” than a good quality table (except for maybe a cocktail waitress or two, but that’s your deal, not mine). Besides the aesthetics involved, the practical implications of a nice felt surface are that your cards won’t slide onto the floor, and they’re easier to pick up without bending the corners.

Just like any other ‘furniture’ purchase, there are options ranging from the cheap and flimsy to the expensive and excessive, and your budget and seriousness about the game will determine which is a best fit for you.

The first option are the table tops. These are the tables of choice for most weekend gamblers, because they don’t take any extra furniture space, they simply fold out and sit on top of your dining table, or a folding table. You can choose octagon or oval. The beauty of the folding top is that stow away nicely in between games. Since most of us don’t have a dedicated poker room, this is the most common way to go.

The second option is a table with folding legs. This table is typically done in a “mass production” type of way… there are no options, it’s just an economically produced, no-frills poker table with folding-table style legs.

The final option, and by far the most costly, is the custom table. You can get them from a factory, or perhaps some guy in your neighborhood builds them in his garage. The beauty of the custom table, is that in most cases, it’s made just for you, and is the most like a casino table you’ll find. Players will want to come back just to play on your custom table. You can choose the felt color, rail style and color, and the options on the race track. The race track is a hard surface between the rail and the felt.

This gives players a place to stack their chips, and can also be outfitted with cupholders to keep the random beer spill from ruining your felt. You’ll pay a lot of money for a custom table, so you need to treat it like furniture. You need a place it can be kept, and be prepared to care for it like you would your living room furniture. If you do this, a custom built table will be home to the best games in the neighborhood for years.

If you’re particularly ambitious and more than a little handy, there are plenty of places across the Internet to find instructions on how to build your own. It takes some carpentry skill, so don’t embark on this journey lightly.

The table you use will make a huge difference in the quality of the game you host. Providing your buddies with a quality felt surface and some casino-style chips will ensure that your game is the one everyone wants to come to, and if you’re lucky they’ll bring some dead money with them as well!

Coming up in Part Three of this series, we’ll look at the difference in the varieties of playing cards out there, and why $15 for a deck of cards isn’t as outrageous as it sounds.

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Playing Better Poker – Ancient Samurai Wisdom at a Poker Table…you Must Be Kidding!

Boredom and fatigue take over every player at some point during every tournament, no matter how infrequently you play your deck or how early you go to bed the night before. When this happens you start to lose your focus, and that means that you begin to make mistakes in your play, often resulting in disappointing finishes to those all-day and all-night long games. 

While there may be no way to effectively combat the source of your boredom and fatigue, there is a good way of improving your focus during matches, and it derives from an ancient practice. Samurai warriors used this idea when they were in training and in battle, and it improved their reflexes, increased their attention, and made them stronger, and more instinctual fighters. While few poker players have gone through Samurai training, this technique works well to improve focus and keep your head in the game. In order to make sure that you’re paying attention and not messing up your game plan, you need to enter a state known as “mind like water.”

“Mind like water” is basically this: clear your mind of all stray thoughts, and react to what you’re presented with at the time it arrives. Think of throwing a rock into a still pond. When the rock hits the surface, there’s a splash, followed by a bit of rippling, and then the pond goes still again, waiting for the next stimulus. Stray thoughts are like currents rippling across the surface of the water, distracting your mind from where it should be focused.

Many business professionals have paid hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to learn this trick, and here I’ll teach it to you for considerably less. Basically, what you want to do is eliminate any kind of potential worries from your mind before you start playing. Business professionals do this by sorting their priorities, and making sure that all their stuff is put in the right places and ordered. When they make sure that they’ve gotten all their responsibilities down on paper somewhere, they can leave it and forget them, clearing their mind so that they don’t get stressed out about future events. This often will improve efficiency and make their workspaces much more organized.

The way to apply this in Poker is quite simple. Most poker players carry their “workspace” with them in their bags, so make sure that it’s sparse and organized, free of clutter. This means that you want to carry the least amount of stuff with you as possible. The bag that you bring with you should contain your spare water bottles, Advil, any food you might need to bring with you, cigarettes (if you smoke), and maybe a book to read during the intermission period. Nothing more. Keep anything extra in the car or at home, and make sure that you take care of any major business before the tournament (like getting a place to stay for the night, putting gas in your car, calling your wife/husband, getting that proposal done for work, etc.). When you sit down for a match, take out your water bottle and put it in it’s spot, then secure your bag under you chair (I suggest wrapping one of the handles around the leg of your chair so that you can make sure it isn’t moved or stolen while you’re playing). Once this is done, you can concentrate. Don’t worry about your friends and teammates, don’t let anyone come by and bother you during the match unless there’s a good reason for them to be there. Focus on your opponent, focus on what you’re doing, and you’ll perform much better in your later tournament matchups, even after you’re bored and tired.

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Multi-Table Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament Strategy Series

During the course of a Multi-Table Tournament (MTT), whether live or online, there are multiple stages. Each stage carries its own flow, and these stages are successfully passed through by implementing proper strategy. While styles between players vary inside each hand, the core strategy surrounding involvement in pots should be applied universally. This is the intro to a 5 part series on MTT’s, sure to get you deeper while remaining healthier in the chip stack department.

I want to use this introduction to share some notes and basics some of you may be unfamiliar with.

“Action” Dan Harrington was kind enough to share his system of M’s and Q’s in his tournament hold ’em book series awhile back which is immensely beneficial to anyone not familiar with it. To my knowledge, if you aren’t using an M and Q system you still measure chip stack by number of big blinds (BB’s) you have. The reason this strategy is not useful is because all it tells you is the magnitude to which you can raise in relation to the automatic blind bet. This is not very informative to you. The M system takes into account all the blind money on the table before any action takes place. So, in a tournament level where blinds are 200/400 with a 25 ante, a nine player table blind opening pot would be 825. You take this number and divide your stack by it, and you have your M. This value will tell you what kind of strategy to employ with your chip stack. At 5 or under you are limited to nothing but an all-in pre-flop move. From 5-10 you may want to try a small raise to win a pot outright without risking your stack, but I wouldn’t count out just open shoving with this as well. If your M is anywhere fewer than 10 and you raise, you are only doing it to steal the blind pot or fold if re-raised. If you are willing to call off your stack on the strength of your hand when re-raised, then you should be moving all-in in the first place, unless of course you’re trying to pull some sort of tricky play with AA or KK, but I advise against it depending on the stage. From 10-15 you can feel pretty comfortable making your standard raise and anything over 15 gives you free reign to do as you please.

So, what’s a Q? This should be used mainly in faster blind structured tournaments, and turbo tournaments. The Q is your stack in relation to the average stack of the field. If you have 5000, and the average is 2500, your Q is 2. If you’re online, the average is supplied for you, and if you’re live you just take total entrees multiplied by starting chip count, then divide by players remaining. This information should be available on the level and payout board. The reason for the Q is because in a faster blind structured tournament you may be towards the end of the tournament and notice your M is floating around 5-7, and you consider shoving with marginal hands. Now, that is what you would do in a more player friendly structured tournament, but in this case everyone may have a low M as the blinds race up faster than players get eliminated. So, if you have an M of 6, but your Q is above 1, you might want to consider being a little less care-free because you aren’t low in the standings, just a victim of a poorly structured tournament.

In hold ’em, it is important to know, your table’s collective personality and your position each hand far outweigh starting hand quality. If you refuse to acknowledge position and table personality, and play solely based on your starting hand quality, you will never win long term. Hands like AK need to be folded pre-flop, and hands like Q10 need to be used in a re-raise all-in at some points. Understanding this and submitting to it is your first step to learning how to actually play hold ’em, rather than letting it play you. Remember, you can get across the country in a Kia just as easily as in a BMW; it’s all about how you drive the car, not what the car is.

This information should get you off the ground, and make you a much more knowledgeable player in terms of when to deploy your certain strategies. I don’t plan on going into detailed hand play, because so many different factors need to be accounted for, but what I will describe is a basic system that suggests the style of play I’d advise. A basic example: If I say that at a certain point you should turn on your aggressive game, I don’t mean play a hand from start to finish aggressively. How you play the hand post flop is up to you and your read on the hand, but when to enter a pot, how often and how aggressively is what my aim is to teach.

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Indian Casinos in Wisconsin – Safe Bet for Thrilling Entertainment

Do you like to gamble? Are you in Wisconsin, or are you going to be taking a trip to Wisconsin in the near future? If you answered yes to these questions then you’re going to want to keep reading. I have some great information I would like to share with you about the Indian Casinos we have here in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin has the privilege of boasting that they have 16 casinos scattered throughout the state.

Here is the list of the sixteen casinos;

Bad River Casino Odanah St. Croix Casino amp; Hotel Turtle Lake Bayfield County Isle Vista Casino Bayfield Oneida Bingo amp; Casino Green Bay Hole in the Wall CasinoDanburyLittle Turtle Hertel Express Webster Dejope Bingo Madison Potawatomi Northern Lights Casino Carter Mole Lake Casino Crandon Majestic Pines Casino amp; Bingo Black River Falls Menominee Casino Bingo Hotel Keshena Potawatomi Bingo Casino Milwaukee Whitetail Crossing Casino Tomah Ho-Chunk Casino amp; Bingo Baraboo Grindstone Creek Casino Hayward LCO Casino Hayward Mohican North Star Casino amp; Bingo Bowler Rainbow Bingo amp; Casino Nekoosa Lake of the Torches Resort amp; Casino Lac Du Flambeau Even though I am a Native Wisconsinite I did not know that we actually had that many casinos. I did know we had 4or 5. I enjoy going to the casinos as entertainment.

I can’t stress enough that you have to look at casinos as a form of entertainment. Not a Way of making money.

When ever I decide to go to one of the Wisconsin Indian casinos the first thing I do is set the amount of money I can realistically spend on entertainment for the evening.

So often you hear about, or see people that simply go nuts and lose a small fortune at the casino.

The casinos are around because quite simply they are making money. That means that most people who go are losing money. Even when you lose because there is the chance of winning it makes for an enjoyable time. Of course if you win then it’s that much more enjoyable.

When I go to the casino it is usually date night with my girlfriend. We set an amount that we can both handle to lose. We look at this money the same as the money we would spend if we went let’s say out to a movie.

This way should we happen to lose that entire amount we don’t feel bad about losing it. There have been nights when both of us where winning. We then decided it was time to take are winnings and run. There are also those nights when we have lost also.

I stated earlier that when we went to the Indian Casinos we did it as a date night. When I think of a date I usually think that there’s some sort of dinner involved.

One nice feature that the casinos have is that most of them have restaurants that serve really quality food for much less then a restaurant outside the casino would have. One of the main reasons for this is that it is a proven fact when people have had a satisfying meal and are comfortable they are willing to spend more money on gaming.

So why not take your wife or girlfriend for a night out to the casino. Just remember this is for entertainment purposes only. It is a relaxing entertaining time with that special someone. The amount you spend should be discussed before hand, and that budget should be followed strictly.

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How to Play 31

When participating in a monthly card game, frequently the dealer is responsible for choosing a game. At your next poker game, introduce something slightly different than those minor variations of seven card stud that seem to get old after awhile.The game of 31 is a card game that combines gambling from poker as well as the game play of Rummy.


In the game of 31, players do not wager each hand. Instead, to start the game each player puts three stacks of equal value in front of them. This represents the lives the player has the game. Each time he loses a hand, he puts one of his three stacks into the pot in the middle of the table. If a player places all three of his stacks into the middle of the table, he is eliminated from the game.

The Goal and Scoring Your Hand

The goal in each round is to get as close to a total of 31 as possible using your three card hand. All cards are worth their face value, with Aces worth 11 and face cards worth 10 points. The twist in the game of 31 is that you can only total the cards in a single suit in your hand. You can choose any suit you wish. As an example if you have an Ace of spades, 7 of spades and king of hearts in your hand, your total is 18 instead of 25. This is because your point total in spades is 18 and your point total in hearts is 10, you can only use the total in one suit.

Playing The Hand

To start the hand, each player receives three cards face down, which only he can view, similar to hole cards in poker. The dealer then puts the remaining cards in the center of the table and flips the top card face up starting a pile next to the deck. Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, players take turns in order. On your turn you can either draw the top face up card, the top face down card, or knock (which will be discussed later). If you draw a card, you must then discard one card face up onto the face up discard pile.

Winning In 31

If you ever have a total of 31 in one suit using your three cards, you reveal it right away, and the remaining players must each pay one stack into the pot in the middle of the table. The other way to end a round is by knocking. You do this on your turn if you feel your hand’s total is not the lowest at the table. Instead of taking your turn, you say “I knock”. Each of the other players at the table get one final turn. Hands are then revealed, and the player with the lowest score at the table puts one of his stacks into the pot. If two or more players tie for the lowest score, they each put one of their stacks into the pot. The last player to have a stack remaining that’s not in the pot, wins all the chips in the pot.


The game of 31 can take quite awhile for everyone but one player to be eliminated when playing with more than five players. It’s a good game to play to give players an opportunity to eat while waiting for the other players to be eliminated. This is also a good game to play while you are waiting for everyone to arrive for your poker game night, as it can be played with as few as three players.

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How Poker Hands Are Measured

Even though there are many ways which poker can be played — whether Texas hold’em or Razz — one thing they all have in common is the way in which you form hands. Poker is played with a fifty-two card deck consisting of 13 cards of four different suites. The four different suites are: spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts. Each suite will be represented by a different graphic which will be on every card. The four suites are further broken down into the numbers two through ten along with a jack, queen, king and ace. Unlike blackjack or other card games, face cards do not have numeral value but are ranked hierarchically from best card to worst, the ace being the highest card, then the king, then the queen and finally the jack. The Ten is the next lowest card and the rest of the deck follows in sequential order from there with the higher numbered cards being the best. Some variants of Poker use a joker which is a wild card that can represent any card in the deck. Most casino games do not use a joker as it takes away from the general strategy of the game. 

The goal of poker is to make the best possible five card hand. The worst possible hand is one where you have only unpaired, unconnected cards. An example of this would be A K 9 7 3. Here you would say you have an ace high. If someone else had a similar hand also with an ace then the next highest card is compared. This means that the first hand would beat a hand such as A Q 9 4 3. While the aces are matched the king in the first hand is higher than the queen in the second.

The next best hand is one pair. The higher the pair the better the hand. Again if the same pair is tabled the next highest card called a kicker is used to determine the best five card hand.

After one pair comes two pair. The highest two pair hand is awarded to the hand with the highest single pair regardless of the second pair shown. For example A A 2 2 8 would beat K K Q Q 8 because the in the first comparison A A is higher than KK.

Next comes three of a kind. After three of a kind comes a straight which is five cards in consecutive order no matter the suite. The higher the sequence of cards the higher the straight. For example between the hands 4 5 6 7 8 and T J Q K A the second hand, a straight ten to ace, is higher than the first straight of four to eight.

After a straight comes a flush. A flush is five cards of the same suite. The higher the cards of that suite the higher your flush. The best possible flush is an ace flush.

If you’re lucky enough to come across a hand where you have a three of a kind and another pair you have made a full house. The strength of the full house is determined first by the three of a kind and next by the pair.

The second highest hand in poker is quads, or four of a kind. Like other paired hands the higher the four of kind, the higher the hand. Again, 7 7 7 7 8 beats 5 5 5 5 3.

The absolutely highest possible hand in any poker game without jokers is a straight flush. A straight flush is five consecutive cards of the same suite. The best possible straight flush is called a Royal Flush and is often considered a hand by itself.

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Getting Serious About Poker: Bankroll Management

When most amateur gamblers go to a casino or play in a home game, they use the money that happens to be in their wallet or bank account-the same money that they use for other expenses. When they are done playing, they put whatever they’ve won (or haven’t lost) back into their wallet, and it gets mixed in with all of their other money. One of the first steps to getting serious about gambling is to start keeping gambling money separate from your other money. This money, set aside strictly for gambling use, is called a bankroll. A bankroll is necessary in all types of gambling, but in this article I’ll explain specifically how it relates to poker.

Keeping poker money separate from the rest of your money is important for several reasons. The most obvious of these reasons is that it prevents you from gambling with money that you need for something else. In addition, it allows you to keep exact track of how much money you are winning or losing. Because of the human tendency to remember big wins and forget about all the little losses, a lot of amateur poker players may think that they are winning even though they are actually breaking even, or perhaps even losing. Because you will be able to see how much money you are making, you will know how well you are playing, and be able to assess whether you should play at higher or lower stakes (or just stay put).

To start a bankroll, you’re going to have to set aside an amount of money that corresponds to the stakes of the poker games you play. If you are playing limit cash games, the standard is 300 times the big bet (the bet from the second two betting rounds). This means that if you are playing $1/$2 limit, you’d want a bankroll of $600. In NL games and in single table tournaments, your bankroll should be 30 times the buy-in. At multi table tournaments, you should have 100 times the buy-in as your bankroll. These numbers may be a lot higher than you expected, but remember that there is a lot of variance in poker. For example, in limit hold ’em games, even professionals have been known to go on losing streaks of up to 100 big bets. By keeping a bankroll so big, you prevent yourself from having to reload it with more money from your wallet and bank account.

When your bankroll fits these guidelines for stakes higher than you’re currently playing, you should consider moving up to that new game. Of course, you shouldn’t ever feel pressured to play higher stakes poker, and if you feel you’re not yet ready to move up than just stay put. There is no such thing as having too big a bankroll. Unfortunately, sometimes your bankroll will get too small to continue playing at your current stakes. When you have less than 2/3 of the standard bankroll for the stakes you are playing at, try moving down a level and reassessing your game. When your bankroll gets big enough, move back up and give it another try.

When do you actually get to enjoy all the money that you’ve been making? It’s important to always have enough money in your bankroll to continue playing at the stakes you enjoy. When you’re bankroll has increased a significant amount from the standard level for your stakes, and you don’t feel your poker game is good enough to move up, then feel free to take all of that extra money out and spend it. Another common way of deciding how much money to take out of a bankroll is to figure out how much money you’ve made at the end of each week or month, and take a set percentage of that, say 50%. So, if you’ve won $140 over the week, then on Sunday remove $70, and leave the other $70 in the bankroll so that you can continue moving up stakes. The disadvantage of this method is that everyone has losing weeks, and it can be tricky to factor in how these should be accounted for. I’d suggest subtracting you’re losses from the next week’s winnings before taking out the 50%.

Now that you understand bankroll management, it’s time to start using it. Bankroll management can and should be used in all types of gambling, and it’s a must for any serious poker player, regardless of the stakes they are playing at.

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Elvis the King Slot Machine Now at Kaw Southwind Casino

Elvis The King Slot Machine has entered the building at Kaw Southwind Casino in Newkirk, Oklahoma.

The game allows the gambler to bet .40, .80, $1.20, $1.60 or $2.

The three reel game features four jackpot levels named after the Elvis hits, “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “Hound Dog,” and Viva Las Vegas.”

The way it works, the gambler places a bet and spins. The reels features pictures of Elvis images from his young and older years.

The right combination of Elvis Wilds, will get the King dancing and singing while paying out a bonus amount.

If three Taking Care of Business symbols show up, the gambler goes to the bonus round and selects a record.

During my debut on the machine, I scored the Taking Care of Business bonus round three times in the span of 100 spins.

The first time, I selected a record and was giving the Juke Box Bonus.

The gambler is presented a list of Elvis songs to choose from.

I chose “Suspicious Minds” and was awarded $2. The record then flips between a bonus song and song over.

For me the song was over and Elvis left the building and it was back to betting and spinning.

My second time in the bonus round, I scored the “Heartbreak Hotel” bonus.

With the aid of some fantastic graphics, the gambler enters the hotel, takes the elevator to the first floor.

There, the gambler chooses one of seven doors in an effort to locate the King.

If you choose right, Elvis will be standing there and all of the other doors will open and the prize amounts behind them will be awarded and then its off to the second floor to do it again.

If the gambler selects a door with a woman behind it, that amount is awarded and the gambler still advances to the next floor.

There are seven floors before reaching the Penthouse level.

If a door with a broken heart is selected the bonus round is over.

In my adventure, I selected Elvis two times and made it to level six before having my heart broke at the Heartbreak Hotel.

Soon though I was back playing a bonus round, this time the Hound Dog Bonus.

With the aid of graphics, the gambler enters Graceland’s backyard and attempts to try and find the rabbit in the garden in an attempt to win the Hound Dog Jackpot.

However, if a rabbit hole is found, the bonus round will soon end.

I was not lucky enough to earn chances at the Jailhouse Rock Jackpot, or the Viva Las Vegas Jackpot but I did cash out with more than I put in, however there was no profit from my visit to the casino, which is usually the outcome I experience.

Despite the loss, I did enjoy the Elvis the King slot machine and I find that it is now “Always on My Mind” and I’m sure “Any Day Now” I will cross that “Bridge Over Troubled Water” between here and the casino and retun to tell the Elvis The King Slot Machine “Don’t Be Cruel” and make the “Impossible Dream” come true and award me the “Viva Las Vegas” Jackpot.

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