Betting Analysis Critique of the Webs Most Successful Cappers

The Web´s Most Successful Cappers all have one thing in common: they are fully dedicated to their craft. Avid enthusiasts who participate on online message boards, they are the leaders in a community full of bettors who share the same interest – obtaining a high winning percentage and raking in the profits. What defines a successful capper? In the overall gist of the message boards, one of the Internet´s largest betting communities, it is of course having an ample winning percentage. Anything above 55% is respectable. In this review, we´re going to outline and detail bettors who have been role models to the sportsbook game.

On, there are plenty of handicappers who conduct research and then spill their findings to the rest of the board out of the kindness of their hearts. Refusing to keep their valuable information exclusive, they really work diligently in coming up with their own ¨locks.¨ Usually, a capper will display his win loss record, in addition to the total units he´s won on the season. To top it off, they also list yesterday´s win-loss record as well. Here is an example of a win-loss record block from ¨Calvin¨:

Overall MLB Posted Record: 143-113-5 (+25.10 Units)

  • Sides: 102-79 (+20.25 Units)
  • Totals: 41-34-5 (+4.85 Units)
  • Yesterday: 3-2 (+0.50 Unit)

Up 25.10 units (25,100 dollars) on the season with a 143-113 MLB win-loss record, Calvin is smooth sailing!

A user by the name of NewYorkBob (on 5/30) is excited, wanting to POUND (jump on) on the Houston – Cincinnati game. Before actually displaying some statistical data and numbers, he demonstrates a show of patriotism and takes a moment to reflect on Memorial Day. Anyway, NewYorkBob highlights Roger Clemen´s last three starts, Aaron Harang´s (Cincinnati´s starting pitcher) last three starts and presents a head by head series history of both teams. He mentions that Houston is 27-13 against Cincinnati over the last three seasons. In regards to the OVER/UNDER of 9, NewYorkBob notes the lack of run support Clemens gets in every start. In a further show of confidence, NewYorkBob declares that this play is his largest of the year – a 11.6 unit bet to win 8 units.

Another handicapper named Ugottaluvme, one of most respected members, offers his insight into the Florida – Pittsburgh Pirate game. In what he calls a game smacker (a lock bet), he bets 2 units on Florida to win the game. According to Ugottaluvme, Mark Redman, the Pirates´ starting pitcher and a lefty, will have trouble against Florida bats who have shown the tendency to put points on the scoreboard against lefties, mentioned last games offensive outburst against Al Leiter (another lefty). Finally, he highlights the fact that Florida has a great record playing at PNC Park during the day and that they should fare well overall.

The No.1 resource any handicapper should use in establishing a solid betting plan is to conduct the proper research. By visiting the message boards free of charge, you get information that is actually explained in depth. Everything from trends to weather conditions to last games results will dictate the tempo of their predictions. Look to those handicappers who bring results and are respected by fellow members. Many of handicappers are totally honest, unlike the brutal scamdicappers of our time. Their records have actually been validated game in and game out in this closeknit community. Besides, you´ll make plenty of friends along the way cheering for your wagered teams and crying foul when you lose.

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