Indian Casinos in Wisconsin – Safe Bet for Thrilling Entertainment

Do you like to gamble? Are you in Wisconsin, or are you going to be taking a trip to Wisconsin in the near future? If you answered yes to these questions then you’re going to want to keep reading. I have some great information I would like to share with you about the Indian Casinos we have here in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin has the privilege of boasting that they have 16 casinos scattered throughout the state.

Here is the list of the sixteen casinos;

Bad River Casino Odanah St. Croix Casino amp; Hotel Turtle Lake Bayfield County Isle Vista Casino Bayfield Oneida Bingo amp; Casino Green Bay Hole in the Wall CasinoDanburyLittle Turtle Hertel Express Webster Dejope Bingo Madison Potawatomi Northern Lights Casino Carter Mole Lake Casino Crandon Majestic Pines Casino amp; Bingo Black River Falls Menominee Casino Bingo Hotel Keshena Potawatomi Bingo Casino Milwaukee Whitetail Crossing Casino Tomah Ho-Chunk Casino amp; Bingo Baraboo Grindstone Creek Casino Hayward LCO Casino Hayward Mohican North Star Casino amp; Bingo Bowler Rainbow Bingo amp; Casino Nekoosa Lake of the Torches Resort amp; Casino Lac Du Flambeau Even though I am a Native Wisconsinite I did not know that we actually had that many casinos. I did know we had 4or 5. I enjoy going to the casinos as entertainment.

I can’t stress enough that you have to look at casinos as a form of entertainment. Not a Way of making money.

When ever I decide to go to one of the Wisconsin Indian casinos the first thing I do is set the amount of money I can realistically spend on entertainment for the evening.

So often you hear about, or see people that simply go nuts and lose a small fortune at the casino.

The casinos are around because quite simply they are making money. That means that most people who go are losing money. Even when you lose because there is the chance of winning it makes for an enjoyable time. Of course if you win then it’s that much more enjoyable.

When I go to the casino it is usually date night with my girlfriend. We set an amount that we can both handle to lose. We look at this money the same as the money we would spend if we went let’s say out to a movie.

This way should we happen to lose that entire amount we don’t feel bad about losing it. There have been nights when both of us where winning. We then decided it was time to take are winnings and run. There are also those nights when we have lost also.

I stated earlier that when we went to the Indian Casinos we did it as a date night. When I think of a date I usually think that there’s some sort of dinner involved.

One nice feature that the casinos have is that most of them have restaurants that serve really quality food for much less then a restaurant outside the casino would have. One of the main reasons for this is that it is a proven fact when people have had a satisfying meal and are comfortable they are willing to spend more money on gaming.

So why not take your wife or girlfriend for a night out to the casino. Just remember this is for entertainment purposes only. It is a relaxing entertaining time with that special someone. The amount you spend should be discussed before hand, and that budget should be followed strictly.

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