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How To Play Roulette And Win

European Roulette

Roulette, translated as ‘small wheel’ is the most popular casino game available today within Europe and comes in three main variants: American Roulette; French Roulette; and the easiest and best value game of European Roulette which we will explore closely in this article.

European Roulette Introduction and History

The first known version of Roulette was introduced in the 17th Century by a French scientist by the name of Blaise Pascal who was known for his motion devices. However, it was when Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc invented the single “0” roulette game in 1842 that European Roulette was born. Due to the fact that at this time gambling was illegal in France, the Frenchmen were forced to introduce their game in Hamburg, Germany. It wasn’t until the game had gained popularity in Germany that Francois Blanc and his son were able to introduce the game to the Prince of Monaco, Charles III in Southern France. This prompted the development of the now world famous resort of Monte Carlo.

Roulette Odds, Strategy and Beating Roulette

The European Roulette wheel with its single 0 has a house edge of only 2.70% which gives the player a 1 in 37 chance of winning and getting paid 35 to 1.

For the European rules the payoff quotas and probabilities look like this:

Bet on Example Payoff quota Probability Any number 7 35:1 2.7% 2-number-combination 8-9 17:1 5.4% 3-number-combination 13-14-15 11:1 8.1% 4-number-combination 4-5-7-8 8:1 10.8% 6-number-combination 25 through 30 5:1 16.2% Column 1,4,7….28,31,34 2:1 32.4% Dozen 1,2,3….10,11,12 2:1 32.4% Even or odd number 2,4,6….32,34,36 1:1 48.6% 1-18 or 19-36 1 through 18 1:1 48.6% Red or black All red numbers 1:1 48.6%

There are many online articles that claim to give players a winning system for playing European Roulette, or even how to predict roulette, however, a player should note that Roulette – as with all casino games tips the odds in favour of the house so whilst it may be possible to win for a short time, the house will always win in the end. Therefore players should beware of risking too much of their personal funds (and obviously avoid rogue casinos) when playing to a recommended strategy and stick to the basic roulette guide as a method of trying to determine the odds and probablility or getting a payoff from the roulette table.

One thing worth noting with European Roulette is that the game does not use the non-value chips. All players at the table are using the standard casino chips which can cause confusion in brick and mortar casinos when a number of bets are placed on the layout. However, when playing at an online casino, your roulette bets will be the only bets visible to you, eradicating some potential confusion. However, be wary of exactly what you have bet and make sure you bet and play at a reputable online casino.

Roulette Bets

There are two main categories of betting when playing European Roulette, Inside Bets which are placed on any Roulette Numbers on the table (for example a bet on a single number would fall in this category); and Outside Bets, which are placed outside the European Roulette table layout (such as Odds or Evens or even Red or Black).

Some of the points mentioned above would help clear the difference between European roulette and American roulette as they are quite different for various players and not as easy as situs Judi because when you have Red, black, odd and even numbers and colors to manage, you can be sure that there is more to the game than what meets the eye.

In European Roulette there’s not a hole with 00, thus giving you an advantage and better chances of winning. Should players bet on simple chances with payoff quotas of 1:1, and the ball stops on 0, you will either have your stakes ‘imprisoned’ (which means the Roulette wheel will spin again and you will get your money back if the ball stops in your favour) or you will be paid back half of your bet. This gives players a favourable payout when placing these kinds of bets.

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