Having Fun at the SunCruz Port Richey Casino

Gambling on the SunCruz Port Richey Casino Ship is almost a rite of passage for those in the area. This casino has been parked out in the gulf for ages. The seniors love it, because the crew is careful and watchful of them. But it’s also because the slots are the old style where you actually put coins into them and when you win a jackpot the clinking and clattering of coins falling into the tray is still very exciting to hear. I had a very entertaining afternoon when I visited.

The ride out on the shuttle is really very nice. There are benches outside where you can sit and enjoy the sea breeze and look for Dolphin and other sea life. Indoors there is bench seating, padded of course! Also they have tables and benches. I noticed some couples were playing cards during the forty minute trip, other people were knitting and reading. We made friends with our table mates and had a lively conversation! It’s especially nice when visiting the area. Where else can you get an hour long boat trip out to a ship in the Gulf of Mexico for free? For entertainment and fun at Mahirqq site, a registration should be done with intelligence and skills. The information about terms and condition should be excellent with some free services. A contact can be made to the friends and relatives to meet the specifications. 

Once aboard the ship the slot machines are mainly on the first deck and the gambling tables are on the second deck. The stairs to the tables are steep. They do not have an elevator, so if stairs are a problem, you can only play the slot machines.

The cafeteria is also upstairs. Those many seniors who play are also not able to get to the cafeteria. Bring a snack of packaged peanuts for the afternoon. It is highly nutritious and filling. They can be stored easily in a pocket or purse. They bring drinks to you only if you are actively playing the slot machines. Tips are advised when you receive a drink as the wait between beverages is very long if you don’t.

The security is there but not all areas are on camera. A patron there had her small investment and table winnings in a coin bucket. She was momentarily distracted and she saw a man walk away with her bucket of coins. She reported it but since there were no cameras in her area it is simply her word against his. She could not prove ownership of the bucket. A good tip for playing here is: Put your name on a slip of paper in the bottom of your bucket and keep it covered with coins. If you see someone swipe your bucket of coins you can prove they were yours.

The day I visited SunCruz Port Richey Casino was beautiful. After I finished playing, I retired to the outside area where I saw many people watching the water, enjoying the sea air and sunset. It’s a wonderful place to wait for the next shuttle back. You can enjoy your complimentary beverages and menu item with others out on the deck. It’s a nice little area to meet people. Everyone has a story.

The casino has over 300 coin operated slot machines, all the old style. I did not see any video slots. The upper deck has a variety of tables and the cafeteria. The ship is old, it is dated, yes. The Coast Guard regularly holds surprise inspections. This is reassuring to know it’s a safe place to be even if it has been way out in the Gulf of Mexico for years!

The SunCruz Port Richey Casino is open seven days a week with the first shuttle going out at 11:00, the second at 3:30 and the last shuttle out to the casino is at 7:00. You can choose your return shuttle, leaving the casino at 4:30, 8:00 and 11:00. People needing assistance are boarded first. There is a nominal fee but is usually covered with current coupons or groupon.

I purchased a Groupon for this visit. The cost was $10.00 and it gave me, a complimentary menu item, $5.00 in free play, Free Shuttle, $10.00 match play certificate. This was a $28.00 value. I had a previous Groupon that expired before I used it. SunCruz would not honor the outdated Groupon for the cost only as many businesses do. That is inconvenient and not customer friendly. I did recover the amount I paid from Groupon, Inc. as promised in their advertisements. I will still buy Groupons for the casino but only if I have definite plans to go. They are a good value when you use them.

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