Elvis the King Slot Machine Now at Kaw Southwind Casino

Elvis The King Slot Machine has entered the building at Kaw Southwind Casino in Newkirk, Oklahoma.

The game allows the gambler to bet .40, .80, $1.20, $1.60 or $2.

The three reel game features four jackpot levels named after the Elvis hits, “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “Hound Dog,” and Viva Las Vegas.”

The way it works, the gambler places a bet and spins. The reels features pictures of Elvis images from his young and older years.

The right combination of Elvis Wilds, will get the King dancing and singing while paying out a bonus amount.

If three Taking Care of Business symbols show up, the gambler goes to the bonus round and selects a record.

During my debut on the machine, I scored the Taking Care of Business bonus round three times in the span of 100 spins.

The first time, I selected a record and was giving the Juke Box Bonus.

The gambler is presented a list of Elvis songs to choose from.

I chose “Suspicious Minds” and was awarded $2. The record then flips between a bonus song and song over.

For me the song was over and Elvis left the building and it was back to betting and spinning.

My second time in the bonus round, I scored the “Heartbreak Hotel” bonus.

With the aid of some fantastic graphics, the gambler enters the hotel, takes the elevator to the first floor.

There, the gambler chooses one of seven doors in an effort to locate the King.

If you choose right, Elvis will be standing there and all of the other doors will open and the prize amounts behind them will be awarded and then its off to the second floor to do it again.

If the gambler selects a door with a woman behind it, that amount is awarded and the gambler still advances to the next floor.

There are seven floors before reaching the Penthouse level.

If a door with a broken heart is selected the bonus round is over.

In my adventure, I selected Elvis two times and made it to level six before having my heart broke at the Heartbreak Hotel.

Soon though I was back playing a bonus round, this time the Hound Dog Bonus.

With the aid of graphics, the gambler enters Graceland’s backyard and attempts to try and find the rabbit in the garden in an attempt to win the Hound Dog Jackpot.

However, if a rabbit hole is found, the bonus round will soon end.

I was not lucky enough to earn chances at the Jailhouse Rock Jackpot, or the Viva Las Vegas Jackpot but I did cash out with more than I put in, however there was no profit from my visit to the casino, which is usually the outcome I experience.

Despite the loss, I did enjoy the Elvis the King slot machine and I find that it is now “Always on My Mind” and I’m sure “Any Day Now” I will cross that “Bridge Over Troubled Water” between here and the casino and retun to tell the Elvis The King Slot Machine “Don’t Be Cruel” and make the “Impossible Dream” come true and award me the “Viva Las Vegas” Jackpot.

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