Does online betting drag punters from land poker machines

They claim that online betting is stealing customers from land poker machines, which is not fair as there are credible online betting options like Judi Online out there that are completely fair to all the players.

The newspaper Herald Sun announced over the weekend that online gambling stands as a strong competitor for land poker machines. It reduced the revenues of clubs and the tax due to be paid to the South Australian state government.

The latest figures from the Consumer and Business Services Department are being quoted by the article. Allegedly, they indicate that gamblers in South Australia lost on poker machines A$731 million during the last financial year. The figure is down by A$60 from the results of the year 2006-2007.

In the past decade, the result is the second-lowest, and it means that the coffers of the provincial government will lose on tax revenue some A$34 million, which it was expecting in the Budget forecast of last year.

The general manager of the Australian Hotels Association, Ian Horne, informed the newspaper Sunday Mail that gambling revenue, together with a drink and food sales in pubs had been lower in the past five years.

?The exposure to online gambling is on the rise,? said Horne. ?If you go back in time one decade, the only place known to have has a flat 42-inch screen TV was a pub and a very common one.?

According to Horne, the trend of people going over from poker machines to online gambling stands as a major problem for governments. They were less able to introduce regulation to cyber-betting and as a result, lose tax revenue to it.

Bill Cochrane, the deputy president of Clubs SA, informed the Herald Sun that a lot of sports organizations were struggling to find means to fund their business as gambling moves away from poker machines and goes over to the internet.

?If gambling raises some kind of revenue, it should be to the benefit of the state and that of the community,? he added. ?While a lot of money is making its way to these sites for online gambling, less and less money is received by us for recreation and sport.?

As the newspaper states, the government of South Africa has had to reduce the estimated tax revenues from poker machines, and revenues resulting from poker machines went down by A$200 million during the period of the last four years.

This trend continued to worsen during the 2012-2013 financial year, going even beyond the cautions amended targets of the state government by A$2 million.

Senator Nick Xenophone, the anti-online gambling politician, had an opinion, as had been predicted, stating that action from the federal government is required to minimize harmful effects.

He proposed that banks are asked to blacklist problematic sites and during sports programs, gambling advertisements should be regulated better.

?The next problem gamblers wave with originating from online gambling,? predicted Xenophon. ?It is reminiscent of a Hydra? if you cut off one head, another pops up in its place.

The online gambling review of 2010 conducted by the Productivity Committee discovered that many punters were drawn to online gaming for the reason that it offered greater variety and better prices, but said it may lead to an increase in problem gambling via its high accessibility level.

Jay Weatherill, the premier of South Australia, has made plans to stop online gaming, saying recently that he would seek the advice of experts.

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