Collecting Casino Chips For Fun And Profit

Casino chips come in such a wide variety of different styles, colors, textures and materials that collecting them purely as a hobby is a popular endeavor. Additionally, however, collecting casino chips is also an excellent investment, especially considering the high value of some of the chips that are available out there. If you are looking for something new to do, consider collecting Casino chips both as an investment, and an excellent hobby.

The word casino chips does sound amusing as it gives the impression of visiting a fish and chips shop in London but this one is indeed for the purpose of honing your talent through games like Judi slot, roulette and many others where the investment prospects are quite high.

Casino chips are not regularly regarded as one of the most mainstream collectibles, but while they may not be as popular as comic books, trading cards, stamps or coins, they still have many of the same classic attributes that these mainstream collectibles possess. There are five main attributes that speak to whether a collectible hobby will make it into the mainstream. While most casino chips will not individually possess all five of these characteristics, the hobby as a whole certainly does when you pool all of your chips together.

The five attributes in question are history, intrinsic value, beauty, durability and rarity. The first legalized gaming casinos began to spring up in 1931, with endless numbers of casinos coming and going in that time. Each casino in existence has had its own unique casino chips, making many chips obsolete and no longer available with the closure of each old casino. For this reason, not only is there a lot of history ingrained in the art of collecting casino chips, but natural rarity as well.

To the untrained eye, many casino chips may appear similar to most others, but many casino chips are actually like miniature forms of art work, combining incredible intricate detail, labor and design not only to create a unique brand for every casino in existence, but also to make casino chips harder to counterfeit. Casino chips definitely have their fair share of beauty and visual appeal, including full graphics, multiple colors and intricate mold designs.

Just like with coins or stamps, most casino chips are worth whatever denomination happens to be printed on them. If the casino that the chip is unique to is still in operation, the chip can be redeemed for whatever its face value may be. If the casino has closed down, then the chips are more than likely worth a great deal more than the face value, as they can be sold as collectibles in secondary markets. Supply and demand plays a large role in the intrinsic value of any collectible, and casino chips are really no exception. If an entire rack of casino chips is let out upon the closing of a casino, then the higher denomination chips are not going to be worth nearly as much.

Unlike some collectible objects like trading cards or comic books that can rip or become folded to substantially reduce their value, casino chips are tough and hard to damage. You will not have to be afraid of handling your collection, because breaking them is not really an easy possibility. Casino chips were designed to be durable and to be capable of withstanding a lot of heavy play on a casino table over the years. This makes casino chips a fun collection, because you do not have to be wary about holding them and handling them.

Finally, casino chips make an excellent collectible because of their rarity. Some collectibles are created in the thousands or hundreds of thousands, but casino chips are only available in limited quantities. Once casino chips are released, it is usually on a limited basis, and no more are ever created. When you come across older chips from casinos that closed a long time ago, you will find that they are considered to be rarities simply because they will never be reproduced again. There are many chips circulating within the casino chip collection hobby that exist in quantities of as little as ten or less.

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