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Choosing Your Bitcoin Wallet

In order to begin accumulating bitcoins, you need to ensure that you have a bitcoin wallet into which to store them. If you are wondering what exactly a bitcoin wallet is, here is a basic description. A bitcoin wallet is a computer file in which you can store your bitcoin funds which also enables you to send and receive bitcoins using a combination of public and private keys. There are three main types of wallet which you should know about in order to make the right decision for you.

Software Wallet

A software wallet is one that you install on your PC and gives you complete control of your bitcoins as you are the only person who holds the access keys to the wallet. Getting a software wallet is as simple as choosing the software and installing it, however, you should be mindful that the installation of some software wallets will also require the downloading of the blockchain which holds all the bitcoin transactions. The size of the blockchain is quite considerable and so you should ensure that you have adequate storage on your PC. In addition, while a software wallet is potentially extremely secure, it can only be as secure as the PC it is installed on to make sure that you have adequate security and PC protection installed.

Mobile Phone Wallet

A mobile phone wallet is basically an app on your Android or Smartphone which allows you to access your bitcoins and is probably the closest thing to carrying your bitcoins around with you. Bitcoins can be sent by quickly scanning a QR code or ‘tap to pay’ for which you need the recipient’s bitcoin address. You should ensure that you backup your mobile phone wallet though as if your phone is destroyed, so too are your bitcoins!

Hardware Wallet

The hardware wallet is a new development in the bitcoin world. A hardware wallet can only be accessed through physical contact with the wallet and is available in the form of a USB-type device. In essence, a hardware wallet will allow you to access your bitcoin balance with the touch of a button making your bitcoins more accessible than ever. A hardware wallet will not have access to the Internet making it even more secure.

Online Wallets

Online wallets or web wallets on as they are also known as are a web-based wallet used to store your bitcoins. They are accessible anytime and anywhere regardless of what device you are using. The company running the website that is giving you the facility of the online wallet is responsible for the keys which provide access to your wallet which means that they can control your bitcoins. However, the website is responsible for the security and backup of the system so there is peace of mind to be had.

There are many companies and websites available which can offer you these types of bitcoin wallets, however, in summary, security and convenience are the two most important considerations when choosing a bitcoin wallet. The type of wallet you opt for will depend on which feature is more important to you.

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