EPT San Remo: Interview with Alessio Isaia

It was one of the best EPT San Remo, here for you an interesting interview with the great Alessio Isaia, one of the strongest Italian poker players live in circulation.

So many topics with the former Full Tilt Poker sponsored Alessio Isaia with which, in addition to eliminating the burning took place yesterday in Day5, a 12 th place, however, that earned him € 35,000, She’s discussed other issues of interest including If the Full Tilt Poker and its coming live poker events. But let’s go with order.

Before getting into the discussion let it be informed full tilt poker isn’t as easy as it is made out to be made it clear in your mind that anyone interested to try it out have to practice it with focus and dignity and https://amandominoqq.com is a good place to begin.

 Tragic day –

soon dropped close to the final table, a 12 th place still crying vengeance, Alessio Isaiah tells us about her day at Day5 colorless. Unfortunately, just yesterday the luck would turn his back on our sample of live poker, forcing him to the ropes during the whole tournament because of the card dead for several hours. Also unfortunate that punishes him when he is all-in with KK to a weak ace, and promptly to the board a good does it fall to the mat. Alessio Isaia was so short test immediately to his feet with 7-5, but it goes against AJ decreed that the elimination.

Stimulated by the difficult field –

the second question we talked about the field of play and go as Alessio Isaia is stimulated more against opponents of a certain caliber. Our Blue explains that just when you’re a player in Serie A are more encouraged to play against players of your caliber or more good: in fact, you can invent different types of play at times acrobatic than the smaller tournaments. It is obvious that a tournament of € 200 can not give you the stimulus of a live poker event of the caliber of EPT San Remo, especially when you’re a Top Player as Alessio Isaia.

 Select Tournament –

Another topic discussed in the interview is the ability to select good live poker tournaments that you want to participate. According to Alessio Isaia would be good not to participate in any type of event, but taking breaks to collect his thoughts and recharges the batteries, as he is doing unlike in the past. Today Alessio Isaia is considered a player selects the most well realized that he wants to participate in tournaments and when he sits down its concentration is best to do well. This explains his long break after the WSOP in less than 4 months away from live poker.

Full Tilt does not know anything –

For the hottest event of the year, there is much disappointment Alessio Isaia, because the dance with Full Tilt Poker there were many projects, unfortunately went up in smoke. As for the causes and if he knew anything or had picked up something once entered into the family of Full Tilt Poker, Alessio says simply that he had heard the news like everyone else.

Pause until 2012 –

True to his style of life from professional player, Alessio Isaia hours will be granted a break from live poker, and probably, if there are special occasions between now and year-end, I see you in action at the table in 2012.

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