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Balancing Your Range In No Limit Cash Games – How to balance!!

It is important in no-limit holdem cash games or any other form of poker for that matter for your opponents not to be able to correctly identify what your play actually means with any degree of certainty. Let us look at a full-ring game here to highlight what I mean. If you only raise with AA-JJ and AK in early position then your opponents are going to know exactly what your raises mean. Because they will likely have position on you after the flop then they will know exactly where they are in the hand whereas you will be playing in the dark.

Let us say that you raise with AA in early position and you get a caller on the button who has pocket fours. You both have deep stacks but the player with the pocket fours has one huge advantage over you (two if you count position) and this is that they will know exactly where they are on the flop. They are basically playing a hit or fold poker strategy and while this is a very simple strategy, it can also be very deadly for a player who overplays their pocket aces. A registration at situs casino online site will offer the desired results to the gamblers. The spending of the money is within the budget of the gamblers. The implementation of the simple strategy will offer more benefits to the gamblers. There is no out-of-pocket expense.

Let us say that the game is NL200 and you have raised to $7 and the player with the pocket fours calls and both blinds fold making a $17 pot. Both of you have 150 big blind stacks and have $300 each. If the player with the fours misses the flop then they fold and lose the $7 which is barely more than 2% of their stack. But if they hit the flop then they will know if they have the best hand or not while you will only be able to suspect that you “probably have the best hand”.

The flop comes K-9-4 rainbow and you lead out for $12 for value. The button player now strongly suspects that you could have AA or AK and have connected strongly with that flop. If you have QQ or JJ then even a call could send you into pot control mode but they have a chance here to stack you and they know it. So they raise to $48 and now you have a problem. It is simply too early for you to fold aces at this stage otherwise many players are simply going to be pushing you around.

The pot is now $77 and it costs you $36 to call so you are getting more than 2/1. Your opponent could have a strong king like K-Q or K-J and be overplaying it so you call making the pot $113. Now your opponent knows that you have either AA,KK or AK and the only hand that they fear is KK but that is now a small part of your range. The turn card is the 2d and you check to induce another bet and for pot control but you still don’t know that you have the best hand.

Your opponent bets $68 which makes the pot $181 and you are getting nearly 3/1 expressed odds and you call making the pot $249. You also do not know if there will be any action on the river but this is another advantage that your opponent has over you because they do know this. The river card is the 8c and you check and they milk you for another $120 bet which once again gives you 3/1 expressed odds and you call and lose a $489 pot.

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